Pavilion Scheduling and Rules

old insideTo reserve a pavilion please see the lifeguards at the front desk. A NON-REFUNDABLE $25 FEE for Small Party Pavilions and NON-REFUNDABLE $35 for the Large Pavilions is required to reserve a pavilion and must be paid at the time of scheduling. Reservation must be done in person once the pool is open for the season not by phone. Each guest that attends who is not a member must pay a guest fee of $6 regardless of age or if they are swimming or not. Pavilions may be reserved before the summer season begins starting in January of the current year.

Call Linda Strine at 717-566-2604 to reserve and mail the non-refundable deposit check.

The pavilions vary in location and capacity. All pavilions include:

  • Fireplace(s)
  • Starter sink unit
  • Refrigerator(s)
  • Drop curtains
  • Overhead fans
  • Mini Lites
  • Outside entrance for loading and unloading
  • LavatorySP front

Old Pavilion – Large

  • Located at west end corner by the swings (Tot Lot)
  • Capacity – Up to 60-65 individuals

New Pavilion – Large

  • Located by the Lap Pool/Recreation Area
  • Capacity – Up to 70-75 individuals

New-New Pavilion – Large

  • Located by the Baby Pool; adjacent to the Ping-Pong Room
  • Capacity – Up to 95-100 individuals

 Small Pavilions – Left Side and Right Side

  • Halfway between the Old and New-New pavilions along the sidewalk
  • Capacity – Up to 30  individuals in eachNN inside 1

Pavilion Rules

  1. Only adult members may schedule the use of a pavilion.
  2. Events may be scheduled starting in January of the current year by calling Linda Strine, 717-566-2604 and mailing the  non-refundable deposit check to secure the date on the calendar for the coming summer season.
  3. Starting with the day the pool opens for the summer, all scheduling must be made with the lifeguards at the pool. The  non-refundable deposit must be paid with a check or cash when signing up. No Exceptions.
  4. Pavilions may not be scheduled for parties which are meant only to bring in-town guests into the pool.
  5. On the day of your party, pick up a guest sign-in sheet and guest party rules from a lifeguard at the desk. Everyone at the party, including your family, must be listed on the party sheet and checked as members or non-members; using the honor system. Pay $6 for guests who are non-members, regardless of age or if they swim.
  6. The  deposit will not be refunded if you are a no show or if you cancel your party.
  7. old frontMembers are responsible for their guests and must remain on site the entire time they are at the pool.
  8. Members are expected to clean the pavilion after the party, as per instructions, so it is ready for the next party.
  9. Outside gates may be opened by lifeguards to allow unloading and loading only, by request. When completed, gates and outside doors will be locked. Cars must be moved from Kokomo Avenue and parked in the regular parking lot.
  10. Pavilions may not be scheduled for use by non-members.
  11. Schedule parties for the time the pavilion is to be used. e.g. Do NOT schedule “all day” for a party to start at 3:00 p.m.
  12. If the pool does not open for any reason, deposits will be refunded only if the pavilion is not utilized for the event.
  13. IMPORTANT! Know the swimming ability of your guests; supervise non-swimmers at all times!