2024 Information

If you wish to become a member, please contact our pool manager at 717-566-2604 or our email us at hummelstownswimclub@gmail.com

New Members:

Single – $205 ($185 if paid by MHigh Dive ay 25th) 
Family – $305 ($285 if paid by May 25th)

New members will pay the membership fee of $400 payable over four (4) consecutive years at $100 per year plus the dues for the current year. Membership dues are subject to change.

Please download the HSC Information Form and send the information form to: 270 Linden Street, Hummelstown, PA  17036. 
*Reminder that the membership fee and dues need to be mailed with the form

Current Members:

 Single – $205 ($185 if paid by May 25th) 
 Family – $305 ($285 if paid by May 25th)

 Current members who have already completed the 4 year membership fee are onlyHSC Lap and Main Pool required to pay their annual dues.

Members on 4-year Payment Plan:

Single – $205 ($185 if paid by May 25th) 
Family – $305 ($285 if paid by May 25th)

Members within their first 4 years of membership owe $100 for the membership fee and the annual dues.

Membership Form

Member Splash