• All guests must enter the facility with a current member.

Only guests who live outside a RADIUS of 15 miles from the HSC (not an odometer reading) are allowed to use the pool or recreation facilities, except on special designated occasions.

  • An individual, regardless of age, in swimming attire or street clothes, will be charged the current guest rateClick here for map
  • You, as the member, are responsible for your guest(s) and must remain at the pool with your guest(s).
  • An individual with proof of membership to another community swimming pool within the 15 mile radius will be permitted as a guest of members at the current guest rate.
  • An infraction, such as bringing a non-member in violation of the guest rules, should be reported to the lifeguards (717-566-2368) or the manager (717-566-2604).
  • Members who bring non-member individuals into the pool under their membership will have their guest privileges revoked for the current or upcoming season.
  • Violation of the guest rule could put your HSC membership in jeopardy of being terminated.

In-Town Guest Vouchers

  • Those that are inside the 15 Mile Radius
  • Each membership will receive 10 In-Town Guest vouchers (guest fees apply at the time of use) that can be used Monday – Friday in lieu of the In-Town Guest Days.
  • See Front Desk for more details.


Babysitting Rule

  • HSC members who babysit for non-members during the summer are not permitted to bring non-member children to the pool as guests.
  • Children with memberships may bring a babysitter (in swimming attire or street clothes) to the pool as a guest, paying the guest fee.
  • The babysitter does not have to be a HSC member.
  • A babysitter is taking the place of a parent, who should not be present at the pool at the same time.
  • When signing the guest log at the desk, a babysitter should sign in as “babysitter” in place of residency.